Artist Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski Styles Khafra Summer Sample Collection

We recently did a style feature on Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski on our blog.  

Have you checked it out?  Good!  
Then you already know Ammo has awesome style!  She was just as excited about our Summer Collection as we were … so she did us the favor of sharing her favorite items!
“Ok, so what is basically happening here is that Khafra has totally wooed my Style/Accessories Heart. I feel like I may need every single one of these pieces in my life.”  
“Each one is completely versatile and compatible with my jumpsuit lifestyle.  I could absolutely wear a jumpsuit or high-waisted pant/crop top combo with all of these items, and have two outfits in one day without having to go home to change.”
“The Cat-Eye Luxe sunglasses and the Dolce Vita sandal are perfect for a slightly-more-than-fierce casual presentation. All I would have to do to dress myself up and bring it up a notch would be to throw on these gorgeous Dolce Vita Bone platforms (WTF) and I could be ready for a whole other magical world of nighttime.”

“Also, Aside from being t
o-live-for awesome, these Eye of 
Providence Earrings are totally what I 
look for in an accessory. They bring 
everything else to the next level, 
especially in combo with the cream 
and acid-yellow of the shoes. Its like 
in color-theory: if you have a bright 
orange against a bunch of other 
bright colors, its gonna be totally 
swallowed up by the eye trying to 
figure out everything else going on. 
But if you put that bright orange 
against a grey, or olive, or neutral 
background, its vibrancy completely 
multiplies, simply by changing its 
“The same goes for styling for me. I look for unique pieces that enhance the vibrancy of what I already have going on. And the nail decals…well….they’re just too freakin’ cute! Plus I try not to be all matchy-matchy, and I feel like the tie dye and color scheme of these would set things off a bit, in just the right way.”

If you love Ammo’s picks from the summer collection as much as we do, shop them here!