**POSSIBLY NSFW** but then that depends on where you work

We’ve been wanting to call this “The Day After” … for no real reason other than … well … itsarifitz spent most of the day after Valentine’s Day (which also happens to be her bday … everybody say “Happy birthday, Ari!”) editing it.

Also, because folks spend A LOT of time trying to create some dream of love or lust or intense desire for 24 hours only, 1 day a year … but we kind of want that the day after too … and then every day after that.  

And don’t we deserve it?

Lucky for us, we get to do all of that with some amazing creatives + even more amazing fashion … pretty much anytime we want it!

So here’s a “Few Days After Valentine’s Day” gift from us to you!  If you’re interested in any of the pieces, we’ve got some amazing shots coming from Meg Allen Studio this week!  Stay tuned!

And … fall in love or lust or intense desire … with something!

9 hours. 3 girls. 1 Elevator. 

Special thanks to JackLucy for providing the featured track, “Poison Me to Blend.”

This film was shot, directed, and edited by Ari Fitz.

Creative direction, hair/makeup/styling by khoLi. of Khafra Company.

Wardrobe provided by:

Danielle Wood Designs

Mercy Vintage

Queering Vintage

SandMaiden Sleepwear