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Beyonce's "No Angel" director talks making the video

Beyoncé’s ‘No Angel’ Director Discusses What It Was Like Working on Her ‘Secret’ Video

It was a familiar team “No Angel.” But it was crazy. Beyoncé is on another level. I’m just like, I don’t know if this is really happening or not. The next day, he comes back and is like, “Yo, we’re going to Houston for seven days.” Like, what? This was super out of nowhere. It was mad random. But it’s a Beyoncé video. And the crazy thing is that it was originally supposed to be for the song “Bow Down.” That’s a much more uptempo record and it’s in the same vein as “Express Yourself.” We already had a team assembled going out to Houston to shoot this. We go to Texas. We’re amped. Then we find out it’s not going to “Bow Down”—after we’ve worked on it for a week.