Gal Vardi of Galisfly, Signature Style Story & Fashion Must-Haves

Gal Vardi, Creator and Owner and Chief Badass of Galisfly, has been sharing her signature style story with us over on the blog. 

We couldn’t get enough of her so … well … here we are!  

Read the rest of Gal’s style story below!

At Khafra Company, we take style super seriously. What items in your wardrobe can you absolutely not live without? Why? What makes them so special? 

“I could never live without my black leather buckle booties. I bought them from an Italian vintage flea market in Rome last year and I could never get enough of them. They are totally worn out but I don’t care! 

Another item that is pricless is my levi’s vintage jean jacket I got in Tel Aviv on the Friday’s Dizengoff Square Vintage Fare. It’s an oversized jacket and I put some studs on it’s collar, I wear it with skin tight outfits under and it’s perfect. Last but not least my tons of Galisfly stack knuckle rings, If I leave home without my rings I feel totally naked, it’s part of me.”

What 3 things are you most looking forward to adding to your wardrobe this season?

“I feel like I want a new pair of sunglasses. 

I just got a new pair from Ralph Lauren but here in Tel Aviv it is so sunny that I feel like it can be an excuse for another pair. 

2nd and 3rd items are must have summer accessories … headpieces and arm bracelets (yes the ones you put high on your arm like back in the 90’s). I have been working on them at Galisfly and I can’t wait to get them out because they are just so playful and they go with any look. And I never say no to another good pair of jeans.”

At Khafra Company, we think that all of our clients and customers are slightly-more-than-fierce. What does that mean to you?

“… A slightly-more-than-fierce girl, sounds like she must be like an extremly cool chick, or how we call them at Galisfly - A Fly Gal ;)

I think it’s a matter of attitude and the style just comes along.”

In love with Gals style?!  We can’t blame you!  Click the pics to help build the look with our summer sample accessories.

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