Thank god for stalking FADER while naked on a Saturday morning.

For the internet gods have certainly delivered.

See below.

Meet HANNAH Magazine.

According to FADER, 

Hannah is still a work in progress, but Saafir [Qimmah Saafir, Hannah’s EIC] intends to feature all types of women on the covers like the model on the mock up displayed on the Kickstarter. Personally, Saafir doesn’t really believe that celebrities are the only people who deserve praise and thinks that the covers will draw people in because they simply display strong, beautiful black women.

“I know amazing women who are every day women who do amazing things that don’t get praise for it, don’t get the light for it, and I want to highlight those women more,” she said. “I believe in presenting the every day woman a bit more. I think celebrities have enough coverage as is. It’s not going to be a prerequisite for you to be on a cover.”

What we love about Hannah? The fact that the publication is not pretending to be any one thing. Saafir isn’t hoping to have the magazine speak for every black woman on the planet or be the media-form to save all African Americans.  She’s simply adding to the conversation - more women, more images, more stories reflecting black lives.

This, friends, is a good thing.

Contribute to the Kickstarter today.