We know you’ve been waiting, so we’ll try to make this quick!

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Here’s our #khafrachristmas15 list! Here are some of our favorite brands and stores (and some of our supreme obsessions) and some pretty awesome discounts as well!

Hecho en Harlem


Where to begin? Guys, there are so many pieces that we’ll be ordering for friends and family (OK, also hoping friends and family order for us).

Like the Sterling Silver and Brass Double Starburst ring.

And the Solid SIlver Jewel Brass Ringband.

And the long triangle earrings.

And … it doesn’t matter which piece is your favorite, you get 20% OFF ALL ONLINE PURCHASES using the code “KHAFRA”.



We have SO many faves, here we won’t even try to list them all.

Be sure to follow us on IG, though. Because, we can’t help but overshare there.

Anyways, drop by 3304 Grand Avenue (1 block from Grand Lake Theater), Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm - 7pm to get 20% OFF the entire store!

If you’d like to make an online order, email infoATsolespace.com mention “KHAFRA” and they’ll ship them right over!

Stuzo Clothing


Guys, literally … go order everything. You won’t even regret it. 

And enter code KHAFRA for 20% OFF the entire site!

Show + Tell


Show + Tell is one of our favorite shops in Oakland! Everything is handmade and sustainable, and most of it is locally sourced.

Feel free to drop by (1427 Broadway, Oakland CA) and get 20% OFF ALL ACCESSORIES + 10% OFF ALL JEWELRY!

Or visit showandtelloakland.com and take 10% OFF ALL ONLINE ORDERS.

(offer available now through December 15, 2015)

Shirley + Alice


If you’re in Brooklyn, please please please stop by Shirley + Alice!

They’ve got menswear, womenswear, and SO many accessories and you can literally find something for at least 4 members of your family. #letsmakeabet



Ok, so maybe we won’t be spending SF rent on any of the YEEZY Season 1 Collection. Maybe we will, who are you to judge us?

But, we’ve got quite a few items from Ubiq on this year’s #khafrachristmas15 list.

Like these Frank the Butcher x Puma “Eat What You Kill" Blaze of Glories.

Oh, and this XL Herschel Supply Folio Pouch.

Speaking of leather goods. Let’s talk …

Oak Common


This leather journal is perfectly priced for the writer in your life.

And don’t get us started on how much we love the Juniper Ridge scents.

Ok, fine, peruse the whole market. And don’t be mad at us when you’ve basically picked out gifts for you and the fam. #wholovesyoubaby

Or just stop by –> 3231 Grand Avenue  (Across from the Grand Lake Theatre), Oakland, CA 94610.

Ashaka Givens


If you follow us on instagram, then you already know how much we love Ashaka Givens’ designs! She’s got a new line of fedoras that we want to gift to at least 5 friends this year.

These two!

Fanm Djanm


“Guys …

We …


Head scarves, bags, jewelry. Have at it.

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with <3,

khafra co.

**REBLOG THIS POST & you’ll be entered to win 1 of 4 $50 gift cards we’re giving away by December 15th!**