MO state rep wants to revoke Mizzou football scholarships over strike.


About a month ago, all of the Black football players at the University of Missouri stood together in protest of the school’s president, Tim Wolfe.  They went on strike, using their position as vital moneymakers for the university as leverage against campus-wide racism being mishandled from the top down.  With the football coach standing behind them, the strike was successful and Tim Wolfe stepped down a few days later.  Now State Representative Rick Brattin wants to introduce a bill stripping football players of their scholarships if they refuse to play for any reason unrelated to a health concern.

Basically, even though you make the school millions of dollars of which you never see a penny, even though your financial contributions to the economic health of the university more than outweighs the cost of your tuition, and even though you are classified as a student athlete, the “athlete” portion is all that matters, and your safety and well-being as a student takes a backseat to pumping more money into the university weekend after weekend.  This white man has basically said “these Negroes need to be happy with what we give them, make us a bunch of money, and shut up about it.”

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