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SiairaShawn talks to us about love, art, and the next level



Writing an introduction about SiairaShawn is painful - not because you have nothing to say, but because you find yourself wondering what combination of words could both explain and do justice to the subtle magnitude of Siaira's artistry.

Ok. The task is also hard because you find yourself slightly annoyed by the fact that in 2016 an introduction is still needed for an artist that VIBE has called "a leader of the new cool," and whose "whiskey smooth vocals and songwriting" Saint Heron has recognized as hitting you right "in the gut."

At this point, SiaraShawn's a household name, right?

Whatever the case, we're long time fans of just about everything Siaira does.

When it came time to choose someone who could help us discuss the gravity of love and Valentine's Day in a way that avoided the sometimes cheesy Hallmark nature of it all, of course she was the first person to come to mind. 



We were transparent in our approach.

We admitted that like a lot of folks, we consider SiairaShawn our favorite amour chanteur similar to how we consider Rumi one of our favorite love poets.  Siaira responded favorably, admitting she liked the comparison and even found it to be accurate. Go us.

I write about all aspects of love; the good, the bad, the crevices, in what I hope is a true and nuanced perspective on an eternal subject. Even if the song is not a "love song" per se, the base of my art is always Love.

With that win we felt like we could get a bit more personal.  

We wanted to know everything: Does she consider herself a romantic? Is she a fan of Valentine's Day? We, of course, wanted to get up close and personal about her process for making songs that so many of us date to, make love to, end love to ... Did we mention she's a gracious interviewee?

Below you'll find some of our favorite SiairaShawn quotes from the interview.

On Romance

I'm for the grand gestures, but I've found most people just want you to make an effort; let them know you've been paying attention

On Valentine's Day

I think it's cute ... My mom used to get me things all the time, when I was young.
[It's] one more day to honor your love. I usually make plans, or just make dinner or flowers, something!

On Creating

I write whenever inspiration strikes ... 

On Her Favorite Project

My favorite is definitely Ghost because it finally started and solidified my "sound" and my point of view as an artist. It also opened up a lot of doors for me and I was super involved in every aspect of the process that went into making it. 

On Her Next Level

... Full time artistry! I want to release merchandise with a fashion forward point of view. I want a full length album, and tour. I want to collaborate with my partner Alexis on some really cool media ideas she has.
Represent, shift, shape the culture - that's the goal. 

There you have it, folks. SiairaShawn's basically nailed our list of 2016 intentions on the head: lead with love, make effort, follow inspiration - all in an effort to represent, shift, shape the culture.

And ... just because Siaira loves the love, visit for a little gift from Siaira and Khafra.