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Majid Jordan drops new single, "King City"


We’re always over at @complexmagazine looking for music to make our day in the morning. Thank god this morning we stumbled across more Majid Jordan and their newest hit, “King City.”

With less than a month away from the release of their self-titled debut album, Majid Jordan share a new record in “King City.” This one is more somber in tone than their previous track, “Something About You,” and definitely plays up the electro-R&B style the duo has been honing for sometime now. If you’ve been sleeping on Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman’s chemistry, take this as an opportunity to catch up. Bump “King City,” which you receive free of charge for pre-ordering Majid Jordan’s upcoming project on iTunes here.

Perhaps you’re more familiar with Majid Jordan's most recent single, “Something About You.”

If not, trust us, there’s definitely something about Majid Jordan that keeps us coming back for more. Look for them to be bigger than you ever expected very very soon.