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Listen to today's playlist -- "There Will Be Love"

In last week's interview with SiairaShawn, she reminded us that love has many forms and facets.

I write about all aspects of love; the good, the bad, the crevices, in what I hope is a true and nuanced perspective on an eternal subject. Even if the song is not a "love song" per se, the base of my art is always Love.

And since we're still thinking about that interview, and all the crevices of love, we decided we needed a playlist to take us into at least a few of them. It's a wild ride, but if you're up for it ...

Here's what's been getting us through the day in the office today.

If you're into SiairaShawn ... Save 35% on her entire discography for a limited time.

What else would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments.

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Review: Our favorite looks from Yeezy Season 3 (Images + Text)

pantone 4665

Cayenne, coco, cyan ... ochre and orange ... yellow ... marsala.

yeezy season 3 1

Pops of color pulled us into Yeezy Season 3, but we stayed for  Kanye's athleisure aesthetic.

Yeezy Season 3 is a crystal continuation of its predecessors, and while it isn't progressive or revolutionary compared to it's sibling seasons, it's athletic- and military-inspired apparel pushing the boundaries of what most call fashion.

One of our favorite looks is this coco, paprika, and peach colored bodysuit worn underneath a deep sage-grey, military-inspired and oversized coat, paired with electric blue knee-high boots with color-blocked and geometric-inspired insets at the knees.

yeezy season 3

It's uniformly flattering, sleek, and in keeping with Kanye's fashion sensibility. It's athleisure meets streetwear meets high fashion in one well-proportioned look, benefitting from the color and contrasting silhouettes.

Another one of our favorite looks is this desaturated, army green, layering of knits. It's a monochrome, tone-on-tone look marrying the simplicity of color and the body while highlighting the effect of unfinished hemlines, asymmetrical distressing, and body-conscious layering.

yeezy season 3 2

Fitted bodysuits? Cropped jackets and oversized jackets? Shearling?

Layered lengths, boxy silhouettes? Knits on knits on knits?  Yes, yes, yes.

yeezy season 3 4

Yeezy Season 3 may not have arrived in the same obstreperous tone as The Life of Pablo; however, the line drew a committed following long before the cult of Kanye saw it atop the Rwandan refugee camp-inspired platform centered in Madison Square Garden.

And, we'd wear it all in a minute.

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Kanye West Changes "Swish" to "Waves"

via Twitter

via Twitter

Like a decent amount of the rest of the world, we've been anxiously awaiting the release of Kanye West's forthcoming album, "Swish."

Well, it seems the wait is over.

But not necessarily because the album's been released.

About 3 hours ago, Kanye announced via Twitter that we are all now anxiously awaiting "Waves."

According to Billboard, "Waves" will be released at Madison Square Garden during West's Yeezy Season 3 debut during New York Fashion Week.

We'll be waiting. And resting.

Because Yeezy.




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MUSIC: When Erykah Badu remixed Kanye West, and everyone had to reconsider their "Real Friends"

You made it through the second week of 2016 - the week when the internet reminds us all that Erykah Badu's remix game been on and that you still need to up your tweet game to get on her level. Or rather, the week your ears gained new life because Erykah Badu remixed Kanye West's "Real Friends" and ignited the internet with a subtle coupling of command and inquiry: "JUST ride out to this ... what up yeezy?"