On Baggage: A Meditation by Intern Rudy, Trend Warrior

Settle into this story:  The other morning, I was getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist (I know, I know, I’m glamorous, y’all), and it turns out that the dentist’s assistant was Jillian, my childhood best friend!  Suddenly, I remembered all of the really dazzling times – the best times – of my childhood.  I spent whole summers with Jillian – one of the best was when we spent the summer with my flawless Aunt Antoinette in Saratoga, NY.  We went to our first concert – Britney Spears, the “Oops!…  I Did It Again” tour (I BEEN glamorous, y’all).  No regretsNever forget

ANYWAY, the whole point of this silly and nostalgic anecdote is that while the dentist was probing my mouth with metal tools, Jillian was saying how she was planning a vacation with her boyfriend, and how she needed to go clothes shopping.  When she said to her boyfriend that she needed to go clothes shopping, he skeptically asked her “Why?” (He’s clearly missing the point of vacation).

As we were discussing planning and shopping for a vacation, I immediately remembered my recent weekend getaway to the Catskills.  Then, I immediately remembered what a hassle it was for me to choose and pack my clothes. Then, I immediately remembered and thought about how exciting and adventurous, albeit difficult, it is to live out of a suitcase for a weekend.


I am concept of “over-packing" … to the nth degree.  For my weekend getaway to the Catskills, I packed two pairs of leggings, two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, one flannel, two t-shirts, two pairs of shoes…  What was I thinking?! 

Maybe I wasn’t, or maybe I was. 

Before leaving, my brother said to me, “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” 

He always says that.  But the thing is, I certainly didn’t need everything that I took with me.  I should have narrowed my clothing options to what was totally essential, but while I was packing, everything seemed totally essential.  Only in hindsight did I understand that I wasn’t thinking appropriately. If I had taken less, I could have certainly gotten more.

Throughout the whole trip, I wore one pair of leggings (these leggings by Hue - the best, ever), one pair of jeans (vintage Levi’s), two sweaters (vintage), and one pair of sneakers (I literally lived in these Nike sneakers all weekend) – much, much less than I packed.


I suppose what I’m getting at is that packing clothing for a weekend getaway or for a vacation is a learned art.  As my brother says, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it, but with good planning, you’ll understand that if you really don’t need it with you – if you really won’t use it during your trip – then it isn’t essential cargo. 

Having the extra flannel and t-shirts was a waste of good space in my backpack, and I suppose my inefficient packing was essentially hindering to me.

These days we want more, more, and more of everything we have.  But after that trip, all I want is what I need. 

didn’t need the excess clothing I packed when I went to the Catskills. If I had packed less, I would have had less to carry.  I would have been able to run faster with everything I owned in a small backpack strapped loosely to my back.  I certainly would have felt more free.  I would have ultimately been happier.

And I think what I’m trying to say is that stripping your luggage (stripping your life) of all of the excess, of everything that you don’t need (of everything that isn’t good and isn’t right for you), is freeingKeep what you need.  And if you don’t need it, leave it behind – you’ll be happier with less weight to carry on your shoulders – and yes, this serves as a perfectly useful metaphor for life.

So now that we’ve got the lesson:

Vacation season is upon us (or if you’re anything like us, it never ends)!


(yes, yes, khoLi + krys just left me alone on the east coast while they flew to Hilo, Hawaii. no worries. i’m not bitter)

I know khafra can’t necessarily help you with your life luggage … but we can make packing for all that comes along with life much much easier.  

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