Want to know the one style tip we give to ABSOLUTELY EVERY CLIENT?  Great!  We’ll tell you!

Our super style secret:

SPEND MONEY.  Spend well.  Spend wisely.

What does that mean?

For our clients: This usually means finding key pieces that fit well into their uniform.  Most of them are startup owners, artists, young entrepreneurs … so for them, this doesn’t necessarily mean finding the perfect suit, but finding the perfect staple.

(You know, like this one from our Summer Collection)

For you: This means pretty much the same thing!  And here’s another tip: When you’re searching for that staple, think: shoes and bags (and if you’re on the east coast, add coats)!

Why?!:Investing in your shoes and bags is not about sporting the newest and highest priced designer names but, rather, about finding functional pieces that fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Are you a photographer? Do you need a bag that is big enough to handle equipment, yet bold enough to still make a slightly-more-than-fierce fashion statement?

Are you a writer? Do you need to be prepared to pull from any journal at any moment … and also feel James Baldwin’s kindred style spirit at all times?

I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also, much more than that. So are we all.
– James A. Baldwin 

Then of course you need a bag that works with you.

 The Point: We spend our hard-earned money on a million things other people tell us we have to every day.  We rarely spend our hard-earned money to make smart investments in ourselves.

Need help finding the perfect year round bag (interested in any you see here)? Need help building a wardrobe that represents all of your multi-faceted self?


All new style clients that email us by or before July 8, 2013 with “Give Us Free” as the subject will receive an absolutely FREE CONSULTATION + a 50% DISCOUNT on your 1st closet consult.