"this is the 21st century and we need to redefine r/evolution. this planet needs a people’s r/evolution. a humanist r/evolution."

- Assata Shakur

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As a proactive effort to hold safe space for black and queer people of the African diaspora, Khafra & Company is hosting a celebration of freedom.

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"we need a r/evolution of the mind. we need a r/evolution of the heart. we need a r/evolution of the spirit."


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"r/evolution is not about bloodshed or about going to the mountains and fighting. we will fight if we are forced to but the fundamental goal of r/evolution must be peace. "


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"the power of the people is stronger than any weapon. a people’s r/evolution can’t be stopped."

"we need to be weapons of mass construction. weapons of mass love. it’s not enough just to change the system. we need to change ourselves."

Images from Hella Black Brunch: Resurrection