Accountability, In Community

khafra community cohort

Entrepreneurs deserve thoughtful, collaborative

partnership in fully actualizing their dreams.


In order to actualize, entrepreneurs and small business owners need guidance, resources, and community. Yet, many women, LGBTQ, and POC entrepreneurs  and small business owners, lack the resources and support needed to thrive in business.

Even leaders of the most successful brands, projects, and businesses struggle with managing day-to-day-operations and finding the time to dream, think, and act strategically. Additionally, many entrepreneurs and small businesses experience fiscal and personal insecurities limiting their capacity to take tangible steps toward building rich, supportive communities.


Khafra Community Cohort (KCC) is a 3-month digital incubator dedicated to supporting women, LGBTQI, and POC entrepreneurs and businesses owners in dreaming and strategizing their futures, while holding themselves accountable, in community.

KCC is a brave space where cohort members create and workshop goals, imagine new directions for their work, and develop language articulating the fullness of their stories.

In our 3-month incubator, each cohort member receives strategic communications guidance from Khafra, as well as access to invaluable mentorship from a community of entrepreneurs and small businesses producing creative and innovative work in equity.

khafra community cohort

We know that there is an endless pool of talented entrepreneurs and small business owners of color engaged in innovating toward equity.
We care about amplifying their journeys, voices, and creative contributions.  

If you’re a community-serving business or entrepreneur, we’d love to work with you. 

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